Not merely do wooden floors improve the appeal of your home, such flooring also provides a number of lesser-known benefits that stretch much beyond your front door.

The environmental features of timber flooring range all over. Did you know up to 50% of the dried weight of your solid timber floor is carbon that has been absorbed from the atmosphere while the trees grew?

The carbon sequestered in wooden flooring is stored forever, lowering the amount of skin tightening and in the atmosphere, helping mitigate climate change. During the production of material flooring carbon emissions from hardwood production are less than 2 tonnes of CO² equivalent. Compared, steel frames are equal to 11 tonnes, concrete’s equal to 12 tonnes, and ceramic tiles are equal to 5 tonnes!

But using timber rather than other Timber Flooring Perth materials also offers other environmental and health benefits beyond carbon storage.

5 Benefits of Wooden Flooring
#1 When timber products are removed, they breakdown naturally, whereas vinyl, carpet or tiles do not.

#2 A timber floor is harder and stronger than other surfaces. It could last an eternity meaning less waste from renewing your flooring (unlike carpeting, which has a lifecycle of 10-15 years).

#3 Hardwood is more energy-efficient than other flooring surfaces and is a sustainable resource.

#4 THE EARTH Ark Wood – Housing, Health, Humanity Report released in 2015 also found numerous health benefits associated with timber flooring including lowered stress levels, heartrate and blood pressure, improved degrees of self-expression and emotional state, and improved quality of air through woods ability to moderate humidity levels.

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#5 So when it involves maintenance, hardwood is better to keep squeaky clean in comparison to almost every other flooring surfaces.

A Naturally Better Bamboo Flooring Perth Choice
As you can plainly see, environmentally friendly (and health) features of wooden flooring are numerous, so if you’re thinking of revamping the floors of your house, or you’re starting a fresh home build from scratch, consider the sustainable, environmentally-friendly choice.

The organisation can make sure your wood flooring is sourced and installed correctly, pointing you in the right direction to get you started, advising you on who to utilize and assisting you to through the entire flooring process so you too can enjoy the many great things about timber flooring in your house.