Buying a hot tub is among the finest investments you may make for your body, mind, and home.

Justin B., a recently available spa buyer said, “There is certainly nothing much better than jumping in my own hot tub at the end of a long day. It’s not only relaxing but therapeutic. I’ve had it for over 6 months now, and can’t imagine devoid of it.”

There are numerous great reasons to purchase a spa. Other than stress and treatment, hot tubs give a place where families can spend quality time together. Many parents have even said that their hot tub is the one place where they can have quality conversations using their kids without cell phones involved.

Because hot tubs Lexington SC are not an everyday purchase, you might not know about choosing and purchase one. To assist you come home with the right spa for you, we put together this spa buying guide.

Which spa in the event you buy
Best destination to buy a spa
Best time to buy a hot tub
Should you buy a used spa?
Spa costs
Spa financing

Which spa in the event you buy
The spa that’s right for you will depend on several factors. Because hot tubs have varying sizes, features, and prices, normally it takes time for you to find your perfect spa.

Consider the important questions below. As you see what counts most for you in a spa, you’ll have the ability to narrow down your spa search to simply a few brands and models.

How many people will be using your spa?

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Some individuals want their spa to be the place where their family and friends can come together and revel in one another’s company. Others want their spa to be always a place where they can escape and unwind. Look for a spa that will fit the quantity of people that you would like using it.

What are your remedy needs?

Premium hot tubs are made with powerful, therapeutic jets. These jets are strategically put to alleviate back, neck, shoulder, or leg pain. When you have a particular muscle needing therapeutic relief, be sure to get a spa with jets that target that muscle.

What additional features are you interested in?

Apart from jets, many hot tubs include optional features such as easy water care systems, in-spa audio, and remote spa operation. They are designed to enhance your spa experience and make caring for it easier.

It’s smart to decide what features you want before buying, which means you don’t get whatever you don’t need or miss out on something you do.

How often do you intend on using your spa?

The more you plan on making use of your hot tub, the higher quality you will need it to be. A poorly made spa will degrade quickly with frequent use. It’s also advisable to look for energy-efficient models that will keep your power bill low despite having using your spa daily.

Just how long do you plan on owning your spa?

If you plan on using your spa for 10+ years, spending just a little extra money upfront to obtain a high-quality spa can save you thousands over time. A cheap model could need several repairs and would likely have to be replaced several times over a 10-15 year period.

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Tim M., a spa owner, said: “I really like my Bullfrog Spa. It’s 9 yrs . old and looks and works like new. My friends went with other brands, and after 4 years, they ended up in the landfill.”

Look for a reliable, well-built spa when purchasing if you hope to take good thing about its benefits for a long time.

Do lots of research over a spa you get online before purchasing to be sure you get enough delivery, installation, and service help.

Big Box Store

Box stores like Home Depot and Walmart sell a little collection of hot tubs. However, these generally aren’t the highest quality hot tubs and don’t have the best therapy options. Also, the salespeople generally have less product expertise because they sell so a great many other products and can have a harder time ensuring you find the right spa for you.

On occasion, these box stores do sell very high-quality spa brands that you can trust. In these cases, local spa manufacturers or dealers place their products in these stores in addition with their dealerships and provide full service, installation, and delivery.

Again, research your facts over a spa brand you find in a box store before purchasing to be sure it is the one which will last.

Shows & Fairs

Other places you might find hot tubs on the market are in a home show, a county fair, or a parking lot sale.

Similar to the big box stores, you should be careful and research the hot tub brand before buying in one of the events. In case the spas are being positioned at these events by local manufacturers or dealers, then it could be a great way to save a little money on an excellent spa.

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Many people are aware that you can get money saving deals on cars by purchasing at times of the entire year or month. But how about hot tubs? Will there be a best season to buy a spa?

Yes. Actually, there are numerous great times through the year to buy a spa.

Here are some times to consider discounts on a spa:

Through the end and beginning of a fresh year when dealers want to clear space for new inventory and models
Around seasonal holidays when manufacturers offer special sales promotions (Memorial Day and Labor Day are recognized to offer among the better deals)
Around normally slower months such as February or October when dealers tend to be more willing to provide discounts

You should also consider the best times for your position. These might be:

Spring – if you are already increasing or landscaping your yard
Summer – if you are planning backyard parties and events
Fall – to get it installed with time for winter
Winter – as part of your Christmas or other holiday gifts

No matter your position or timeline, you should be in a position to buy and revel in a spa during any moment of the entire year.