Physics students require a very strong mind for numbers, a good understanding of scientific principles and an eager interest in discoveries connecting to the real world. This highly adaptable and valued skillset likewise suggests physics grads make more!

Each year, we provide an overview such as this to our h2 chemistry tuition students in order to give them an idea of the value of their physics degree. In particular, we hope to illustrate how flexible the program is and how it can open many doors even beyond that of traditional research roles associated with the subject.

Research scientist professions

Although it’s plausible to enter into clinical research as a student or technician with a good bachelor’s degree, those seeking to pursue long-term professions in research ought to look at further study, as senior research functions are typically saved for those with a minimum of a master’s degree. As well as the MSc, MPhys and PhD credentials, leading researchers can additionally gain the title of ‘Chartered Physicist’ (CPhys) from the Institute of Physics (IOP).

The principal motivation to learn physics at graduate level is to assist you acquire more in-depth, specific expertise to prepare you to operate proficiently in a particular area. Prospective paths of focus include astrophysics, particle physics, biotechnology, nanotechnology, meteorology, aerospace dynamics, atomic and laser physics, climatic, oceanic and planetary physics and climate science.

Related Professions

What can you do with a physics degree if none of the choices mentioned above interest you? You can use your mathematical proficiency to enter into the finance world, or your expertise of technological advancement to enter into an associated area of the legal field.

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If you can analyze climatic conditions and prepare precise weather report, you can find prospects in the broadcasting, agriculture, aeronautics, and aerospace markets. Some meteorologists focus on researching the reasons for typhoons or tornadoes or creating computer system models of climate change. A bachelor’s degree in physics is enough for some placements; those that focus on research will likely require a master’s or higher.

Patent representative

Law practice, pharmaceutical firms, government agencies, and universities typically call on patent representatives to aid obtain security for a new clinical creation. Patent representatives look into the specs and uses of the apparatus to ensure that it is unique and qualifies for a patent; they also direct the inventor with the application process.

Energy policy expert

Developing power strategies for government agencies, environmental organizations, and private business is the work of an energy plan analyst. These experts assess the environmental and economic impact of various policies and make recommendations based on their analysis. Communication skills are crucial in this field; report writing is a huge part of the work.