Glass staircases have managed to gain massive popularity within the last couple decades. They put in a certain elegance and style to the architectural aesthetics of the living places along with adding a modern edge to homes. The glass staircases have slowly begun replacing the traditional wood and concrete staircases; with benefits that nobody had ever thought was possible before.

Glass products have not simply been limited by monotonous and repetitive designs. While considering to get a glass staircase, there can be an array of different designs, styles, textures and materials to choose from, specific to the requirement of the home. Different styles and textures of glass include clear glass, frosted glass and sandblasted glass, which can add a unique look to your house in line with the taste and preference of the dog owner.

Advantages of Glass Staircases
Glass staircases reflect a unique and affluent lifestyle which is gaining immense popularity in today’s world. A lot of people have started deciding on glass staircases in their homes rather than the monotonous concrete and wooden staircases. Let’s understand why glass staircases are gathering popularity in home décor:

1. Seamless: Glass staircases provide a more easy-on-eyes feel , nor make the inside look gaudy. Instead, it gives homes a far more spacious appeal.

2. Illuminating: Glass staircases have the ability to allow light pass through them, unlike the traditional staircases. This makes the house look aesthetically appealing during daylight.

3. Hassle-free: Overtime wooden staircases can form the challenge of termites, which thankfully glass staircases don’t need to come across. The grade of glass will not deteriorate as time passes with use, as does the quality of wood and neither will be the glass staircases as expensive to keep as wooden staircases.

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4. Moisture-friendly: One of the better features of glass staircases is that they are not damaged by moisture in the air, hence they don’t get damp and neither do they rot as wooden staircases do. This implies the following the initial investment, the maintenance cost is low set alongside the wooden staircases. Once installed, glass staircases prove to be sturdy with a long lifespan.

A question we get asked regularly is whether glass stairs are safe, sturdy, and durable enough to last a long time. When choosing a staircase you may even be wondering whether glass stairs are your very best option compared to other materials. Well, we’re here to answer your queries and clear up any uncertainty you might have when it comes to glass stairs. We’re experienced in using glass as a prominent part of modern staircases, and we think the materials has the potential to essentially benefit the appearance and feel of your house. Here are simply a few of those benefits…

5. Safe and secure glass bracket stairs
Because of the traditional fragility of glass, there’s a fairly commonly held view that glass is unsafe inside the house, particularly with children. However, secure and shatter resistant glass is now manufactured in a manner that can be safely found in the house for things such as windows, furniture, and staircases. This sort of glass is thick and toughened so that it can resist breakages, rendering it completely safe for use in the house.

Fragile glass is not befitting the utilization on staircases which explains why we use toughened glass for a solid and long lasting staircase. This gives you satisfaction that your staircase is safe to use as toughened glass is unlikely to break or shatter.

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For extra safety measures you will want to try our glass bracket staircases. The glass panels on the staircase are secured using solid, metal fixing brackets to create a secure and lasting structure.

6. Contemporary design inline glass stairs
Glass is a versatile material that’s found in contemporary interior design to brighten and create the illusion of space in a hallway. Glass stairs can look beautiful and donate to a minimal and sleek look.

Glass stairs look stylish both in the home and commercial buildings. You can choose to have large glass panels which are fitted with no brackets or you can opt for metallic brackets for a modern edge. If you’re attempting to modernise your hallway then glass stairs will be the perfect option for attaining this look.

7. Easy to clean
Glass stairs are flawlessly suited for home design as not only do they look good, they’re also easy to keep up and clean. Glass doesn’t corrode or rot and you may simply give your glass stairs a wipe occasionally to help them retain their sparkle and shine!