Planting trees is an investment for life that you would never regret. Even well this investment would pay off in the future would be determined by what plant you select, the location you’re choosing to plant in and the care you provide while planting and after planting the tree. Giving in time and effort to give your plant a healthy start will ensure a lot of benefits like fresh fruit, or handing out under the tree.

What time is a good time to plant a tree?

The best time to plant a new tree is during the autumn season when the leaves have all fallen off or during the start of the spring season. The climate is cool and the plant can gain enough root strength before the spring rainfall and the summer heat which help grow. However, in tropical areas, all time is a good time to plant a tree. A tree is growing all year long, so you don’t need to worry about the harsh winter or the autumn while plantings a tree.

How to plant a tree

Dig a shallow hole. Around 2 or 3 times wider than the root ball but only as deep as the root ball.

Remove the container or the wire basket before inserting it into the hole.

Locate the trunk flare (the part at the base of the trunk where it starts getting wider) and make sure it a little visible after being planted.

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Ensure from every angle if the tree is straight before backfilling the hole. Fill the hole gently but firmly.

Mulching your new tree the right way

Mulching is a technique of adding a layer of materials over the soil to retain the moisture, control soil temperature and keep off weeds. Mulching is an important way to take care of new plants.

Too much mulching can be harmful to the tree, pyramid mulching as they call it. It creates a very damp environment for the fungi to grow on, it also attracts pests. Apply moderate mulch, about 2 to 4 inches around the tree, this will be enough protection from the heat of the sun and keep the soil from drying out.

Prune your tree to encourage growth

Pruning is a technique of cutting of overgrown or dead branches, which in turn encourage growth. Dead branches hold back growth. However, you should hold back pruning new trees for at least a year.

Also, there are separate seasons for pruning. Pruning during the growing season can hamper the growth for the next season.

How and when should you fertilize your plant?

Get to know what kind of soil you’re growing on, and select the fertilizer respectively. There are some fertilizers with can be used in any soil, these would be more appropriate for a new tree. Fertilizers release nutrients like, nitrogen overtimes, slowly and uniformly to keep the soil nourished. The goal is to make sure the tree keeps getting enough nourishment to keep on growing. For more information, explore Garden Help.

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