When you are making plans to block off your yard, you want a product that is strong, attractive, and lasts a long time. Typically the classic choice is, naturally , natural wood – as well as for good reason – but there are a few very compelling reasons to choose composite secure fencing over other options. Produced from a mixture of wood and plastic, composite secure fencing is highly versatile and available in a amount of styles, sizes and colors to be able to match any aesthetic. It is possible to acquire a modern look or something a little more old-fashioned. Prior to deciding to get started your fencing project, here are some advantages of composite substance that you should consider.

WPC komposit garden fence Requires Little Upkeep

For many years, people searching for low maintenance fencing turned to steel. Extremely low maintenance, durable and long-lasting, metal is a great utilitarian secure fencing option, however it definitely lacks the aesthetic landscaping of wood and other fencing options. Wood, on the other hand, is absolutely beautiful, however, if wood is not protected, moisture will eventually cause decay and harm and shorten the life of the fence. This specific is why it is recommended to seal solid wood fencing every few years, but most fences are cumbersome to treat and many people conclusion up just leaving their fencing untreated.

Composite material is much distinct from wood, steel, and most vinyl products. Since it contains plastic material and is usually included with a protective external layer, it keeps pests and insects from creating damage. Also, it guards against fading from the sun and mildew. When cleaning is necessary, composite fencing material can be gently scrubbed with soap and water or sprayed with a hose. Even when harsh weather conditions hit, the fencing will not be harmed. To maintain an appealing look, painting or sealing is not necessary, so you get a wonderful balance between durability and beauty.

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Sturdy and Strong

Another low maintenance option is vinyl. Plastic is great because it can be washed like composites and can final a long time, however, most vinyl fencing is hollow and uses wood posts, which make the fencing prone to breaking a cracking and the blogposts are prone to decay. Amalgamated fence, like wood, on the other hand, is a dense, very durable board. This means it is much less likely to computer chip or crack. When you are looking to mount a strong fence around your property, composite is obviously a smart way to go.


Placing a fence around your lawn is a sizable investment, so you want to ensure which it remains functional for as long as possible. Based on the species and environmental exposure, a natural wood fence will previous between 7 and thirty years. Since composite substance is durable and is not impacted by the weather or insects, it can last more than 30 years without issues. This means that you will be able to enjoy your fencing for a long time. Right now there will be little work needed to make fixes or replacement. If a board does get damaged, fixes are simple and, because they are fade-resistant, a new compositbe board will blend much more seamlessly with the existing boards, where new wooden or vinyl pieces may stand out like a sore thumb for several seasons.

Great looking

Composite substance is one of the most attractive fencing options. It provides the appearance of wood but would not require the preservation. This type of fencing is commonly found in the colours of natural wood, but it is also available in the look of wood that has been stained or painted. Since composite pieces come in a multitude of styles and sizes, it is possible to create a fencing that suits your home and increases its curb appeal.

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Friendly to the Environment

More and more focus is being located on using products that do not have an adverse effect on the surroundings. Composite fencing fits this idea helping you to lower your carbon impact. Unlike pressure-treated wood, which is often used for vertical fence posts and horizontal rails that form the structure of the fence and generally filled with chemicals to make it resistant to insects, composite materials is free from toxic additives. Beyond the reduction in chemicals, it also means that it can be recycled at the ending of its life and since most composite materials are recycled to get started with, you’ll be recycling a product that’s been recycled once before.

Best Long-Term Value

Since wood is a relatively an inexpensive approach to secure fencing, many people choose this material for their meters. Nevertheless , wood also has a shorter life-expectancy. Also though the costs seem to be low in the beginning, the long-term prices for maintenance, repair and substitute can eat away at any savings you thought you had.

At Franklin Building Supply, we offer a variety of fencing options, including composite materials. All of us will help you select the right fencing products for all of your needs. If you want the benefits that come from amalgamated fencing, we are ready to work together with you so that you receive the best results possible.