When you are going to start a construction project, you need the right equipment. Choosing the correct plant machinery can help you get the job done on time and to budget.

Your client may have various time restrictions that they need to stick within. Thus, you will need diggers and dumpers especially if the project involves deep excavation.

If you are thinking about a DIY excavation project or working on a construction project, you should consider digger and dumper hire.

Hiring a mini digger

The best option would be to invest in a mini digger. These things are easy to learn so you won’t need to go through a long instruction manual just to learn them.

Also, the machine won’t make much noise so you won’t disturb the nearby properties. You can only imagine what would happen when they would file a noise complaint and you can’t continue your project because of that.

Another advantage is that they can easily be moved from one place to another. That would be great especially for projects that are in a huge area. Imagine having to move a huge machine from one end of a parcel of land to another. If it won’t budge, it would take several people to move it.

They are simple to operate
Noise levels are considerably less than larger equipment
Mini diggers are easily transported
The compact design allows for easy manoeuvrability through doorways, gates and other small access points.

Types of mini digger

The type of mini digger you would need to buy would depend on the type of work that needs to be done. For example, if you only need it for small houses then the 8-ton mini excavator would do.

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However, if it will be used to go through huge gates then better make use of a 1.5-ton mini excavator.

Loaders and Dumpers

When you are transporting waste, it would be ideal to have dumpers available on the construction site. It is expected that you will have a lot of waste from an excavation project.

The 0.5 Ton Power Track Barrow dumper truck for hire is perfect for moving heavy items like bricks, hardcore, soil and general rubble into skips.

There are times when you need to move heavy items though and that is when you should not go for mini diggers anymore. The best option for that would be the .5-ton power back marrow.

It could be used to move well-known heavy objects such as soil and bricks. Of course, there are a lot of heavy objects around the construction site when you remove lots of waste. The good news is we will even deliver the machine straight to your construction site.

For larger projects, you can hire a 1 Ton skip loader. It is reasonably compact at 1.120m wide. This 4 wheel drive dumper for hire is perfect for hard to access areas and rough ground. Your plant hire company will usually deliver to the site, or the machine can be collected.